Egg fried rice Made with vegetables and fried eggs, this rice delicacy is a nice mix of delicious eggs and crunchy veggies. Egg Fried rice tastes best when served with Raita and Sweet Chutney. this recipe by adding more vegetables like baby corn, sweet corn, bell peppers to name a few. This rice recipe is perfect for special occasions like kitty parties, pot lucks or even family get-togethers. Egg Fried Rice can be paired with a lot of main-course dishes. Fried rice is usually a dish that you make to repurpose the leftover cooked rice from the day before. You want to avoid freshly cooked rice because it is still moist and steamy, which may yield fried rice with a mushy texture. We just need very few ingredients like eggs, cooked rice, spices and sauces to make this delicious recipe which is very quick, easy and an instant recipe. The spicy masala flavour of the recipes comes due to spices like red chilli powder, white pepper powder and chilli sauce. This one can be called a masala egg fried rice.

How to Make Egg Fried Rice

• Firstly, cook one cup of rice with 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt until it is done. Take the rice out and spread it on a plate. Allow it to cool.
• The cooked rice grains should be well separated for the perfect outcome. In a bowl, beat four eggs, into it add salt as per taste and black pepper powder.
• Beat the mixture well. Take a wok, add oil and heat it Into it, add the beaten eggs.
• Let them cook for a few minutes. Scramble the eggs completely and cook until they are perfectly done. Into it add very finely chopped capsicum, carrots, spring onion greens.
• Add ginger garlic paste and saute well for few minutes to get rid of raw smell Into it.
• add cooked rice and saute again for 2-3 minutes on high flame to medium flame.
• Add salt, red chilli powder, white pepper powder, mix it well. Saute for 3-4 minutes on medium flame.
• Add soya sauce, red chilli sauce, mix well. Saute well again for 3-4 minutes.
• Lastly, add vinegar and mix up well. Saute for two minutes and it’s done.
• Serve the egg rice by garnishing with spring onion greens.


• 4 eggs
• salt – to taste
• 1/2 tsp black peppercorn powder
• 1 tbsp oil
• 2 tbsp very finely chopped capsicum
• 2 tbsp very finely chopped carrots
• 2 tbsp very finely chopped spring onion greens
• 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
• 1 cup rice 200 gms
• 1 tsp red chilli powder
• 1/2 tsp white pepper powder
• 1 tsp soya sauce
• 1 tsp red chilli sauce
• 1 tsp vinegar

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